Saturday, May 7, 2011

MPS Scrapbook Day Challenges #4 and #6

 I'm a lotta behind with the challenges right now and I just completed a couple that I thought I could do before we head to the movies!  These were for challenges 4 and 6.

(click for larger image)
Challenge 4: Something for Mother's Day

I had the pieces for the tulips lying around because I cut them out for the Girl Scouts to use last week (post here).  I just put together 2 of them and stuck them on a card.  I added ribbon and a wavy banner sentiment.  Simple and easy!

(click for larger image)
Challenge 6: Incorporate a tag

I needed to make a wedding anniversary card for my Aunt and her husband.  I took inspiration from this card and changed the colors and the layout a little bit.  I made the tag out of SU punches and SU stamp sentiment.  I added 2 rhinestones for that extra something!  An anniversary card and a challenge submission in one go... now that's killing 2 birds with 1 stone!

I'm setting aside time to complete the rest of these challenges late tonight and tomorrow morning before I take my Ma out for dinner.  See you then!


Shar said...

So Cute!!!
I have been trying to Create for the MPS Challenges and LOL I have had a brain Fart the Whole time!!!
You have beautiful Creations and I put my vote in for you!!!

Pink Crafter said...

OMG! So love the Mother's Day card! So cute!!! I have two of my challenges done but won't post on my blog yet. I take care of my Mom with severe stage Alzheimer's plus work full time and I have to fit my husband and dogs in their as well. So needless to say to get a full hour to scrap a project is near impossible. But I should be able to maybe 4. Loved all of yours.

Kitty said...

Great cards. I love the wavy banner

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