Thursday, May 19, 2011

Candy Lei

It's that time of year... lei season!  Graduations are happening all over the island and the perfect gift for grads is a lei on their ceremony day.  No graduations this week, but here are a couple of candy lei I made for some friends that are visiting us from Germany.

(click for larger image)
Filled with their favorite Hawaii snacks!  Crack seed, melon hard candy, and mango gummies.

Just a quicky post today.  This week at my new job is kicking my butt.  Its getting easier day by day so I'm hoping I'll get into a good grove.  I have no experience, but I'm eager to learn and I'm very passionate about everything I do.  Let's hope this is going to get better!


Shar said...

Wow you have been busy!!!
Sorry i have not been on so much we went on vacation!!!
So I'm Back and loving all your Creations!!

Starla B. said...

Those are so cute! I'd never heard of candy leis before...what a great idea!!

~jan said...

That candy lei is awesome! :) The last lei I wore was my wedding lei 18 years ago! (married on Oahu) Happy to be following you! Have a great weekend!

Shar said...

My son and I went to Maui!! His first vacation!! He had a blast!!! I will post pictures soon. I went straight back to work so I have not had a chance to
if you click on it has his first plane ride!!!

Crafting Gill said...

Wow there fantastic lucky things they will love them and thank you for joining my blog and the lovley comments on my cards
GIll xx

Shiozaki Beach girls said...

Great Candy Lei! I have to get busy on making ribbon leis for my daughter's friends who are graduating from high school! (procrastinating this year...very bad!) Thank you for the post on my blog, and I will be checking out your blog too more often! HUGS!

Shar said...

Oh it was not Scary at all!! That is the only one I fly because you don't have to go thru security!!! Just Check in and Go!!!
My son also enjoyed it a little more because it was a propeller plane!! He loves it!!
Bumpy!! Not at all!!! There is a great Pilot that absolutely knows what he is doing!! Its cheaper, you should try it when you fly!!
You are so lucky that you got to ride the super fairy!! We did not get a chance because it would go to Hilo and Not Kona!!

Starla B. said...

I got your comment...the shipping is ok, my hubby paid! LOL I promised I would get them there by the 20th, and I wouldn't want to go back on my word. I hope they were ok, and can't wait to see the rest! =D

melissa said...

The candy lei is super cute! What a great idea! :)

DIANA L. said...

This is super I love having a lei. These are so cute.

Jen said...

Hi Cely!! Awesome, great job!! Yea, making them are so much better! Those WalMart ones need a lift, so puney, ya?? Have an awesome day in the Lord! God Bless!!!

ThePurplePlace said...

How cool!! You have so much talent and I'm always amazed all the ideas you come up with.

I also LOVE all your Cricut Creations and need a LOT of help in that area. I really should be using my Expression a lot more and I guess I'm still not good at it?

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