Saturday, May 7, 2011

Girl Scouts End of Year projects

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday.  It's coming close to the end of the school year and my 5 Girl Scout troops are finishing their end of year community service projects.  Yesterday I spent almost the entire day buying school supplies and finishing up a donation drive and then packaging those school supplies to donate to a local school.  I'm so proud that these girls wanted to do something nice for local teachers!

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Girl Scouts and school supplies

Another Girl Scout troop wanted to paint over the graffiti at their neighborhood park.  I must tell you, there was TONS of graffiti at this popular kid hangout, especially their jungle gym/slide.  There were words that little kids shouldn't be seeing.  We didn't raise enough money to buy a new jungle gym/slide, but we made enough to buy several cans of good old fashioned paint:

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The girls transformed this playground into one that looks brand new, just this morning!  We also painted the graffiti off the bathroom walls, the trash cans, and the basketball courts.  So we didn't make thousands of dollars selling cookies... but I was so proud that the little that we did make, the girls decided to do something extraordinary for their local community instead of themselves!

So, I was a busy busy bee for a day and a half.  Now I'm off to create projects for National Scrapbooking day and for a few hours before the husband and I head out to watch Thor (I'm taking him to thank him for painting all the spots us girls couldn't reach!) Till next time, folks!  Happy creating today!



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