Friday, June 3, 2011

Red Cupcake Card

Today is a very ugly, ugly day in Hawaii nei.  Really bad thunderstorm.  My power went out this morning and when I was driving to the office all of the street lights were out.  Thank God people drive with Aloha when that happens!  Last night my toilet went on the fritz as well.  As I was about to fall asleep, my valve just erupted and sprayed water and flooded my entire bathroom.  Thankfully, my husband (being in the Navy) recognized the sound of rushing water and was there in a flash.  Lol, I thought it was the sprinklers going off or something!  So lots of cleaning in the middle of the night... and wet kitty litter sucks to clean...

Anywho,  my guy pal in Washington had a bad day yesterday.  It was his birthday and he was nowhere near friends or family.  He also got a call that his grandfather passed away, so when I contacted him to wish him a Happy Birthday, he was just about to jump on a plane home to Florida.  Poor thing.  On a happier note, I sent him this card which will be waiting for him when he gets back:

(click for larger image)

The cupcake was cut out with the Smiley Cards cartridge.  The sentiment is to remind him of a very unfortunate incident that scared the living daylights out of him when he ate cupcakes a few months ago at my husband's birthday party.  They looked like this:

(click for larger image)

Aside from the Sucker Punch picks (made with the Indie Art cartridge), I'm sure you can figure out what happened to him after he had a few of these cupcakes... LOL!

Entering this in Fantabulous Cricut's "Remember a person, time, or Anniversary" challenge!

'Till next time, folks!


Shar said...

Oh Wow You got Smiley Cards!!! I hope they release it again!!!!
Cute Cute Cards and What yummy looking cupcakes!!!

melissa said...

the card is SO cute! love the humorous sentiment! too funny!

Shar said...

Try this link it has some of the images from Smiley Cards

Sara I. said...

this is adorable!! i'm sure it will bring a smile to your friend's face!

scrappinC said...

Cute card. It has the perfect smiley on it.
Cindy Lou

My 3 E Scrapbooking said...

Hehe...I love this card! So sorry to hear about your friends grandfather. I'm sure this card will brighten his day when he gets home!

Sarah said...

Fun card! I am sure your friend will love it. Thanks for creating with us at FCCB!

Pink Crafter said...

Cely, this card is sooo very sweet! (no pun intended) We have had a similar issue with bakery cupcakes at our house but the frosting was dark green! Alien poop! Ha!

Reflections from Granny said...

They all came out so cute!!! LOL, I remember how those food colorings had different effects on little ones. ;)

Hugs, Lori m

My Lil' Bits said...

Still laughing here! That's a great card, so fun! Thanks for sharing with us at FCCB this week!
Lisa C

GreenScrap said...

LOL!! This is going to make your friend feel better. I love it!! Funniest card ever!!
Thanks for playing with us @ FCCB!!
TFS!! Take Care!!
Jennie @

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